Mr Aftab had a very caring approach towards me, he made me feel at ease throughout the procedure. I am extremely satisfied with the results and in the words of the optician an excellent job was done. Many Thanks

Mrs Adams

February 2020, Louth.

I felt really fortunate to have found a doctor who was so compassionate, personable, knowledgeable and skilful.  He put me at ease, answered all my questions, reassured me throughout and did a brilliant job despite my complex issues.  I have never seen better and am so grateful to Mr Aftab.

Dr Gopee.

Refractive Cataract Surgery, November 2019.

I would like to say how pleased I am that I have had cataract surgery and correction of my astigmatism. My vision is now excellent, a joy after wearing specs and contact lens for over 50 years. All went smoothly from my first appointment. Arrangements were hassle free, procedures almost painless and recovery times short with little or no discomfort. My many thanks to Mr Aftab and his team. I wish I had had this operation years ago!

Mrs Wilson.

Refractive Cataract Surgery, June 2019.

I’m over the moon with the results of my recent cataract removal. All my life I’ve had to wear very thick lens glasses for long sight. Then all of a sudden the very next day after surgery on the first eye I found that I could see with no help from glasses. Also reading was very good, I could see and reply to text messages on my phone which I couldn’t ever do without glasses before surgery. Then after both eyes were operated on I feel that I have near perfect vision and find that people don’t recognise me without glasses as I always wore them. So huge thanks to Mr Aftab and his team who were very kind and caring on both surgery days and also during follow up appointments. I would recommend that anyone suffering with cataracts should not hesitate and get this surgery done! 

Mr Allison.

Refractive Cataract Surgery, June 2019.

Many thanks to Mr Aftab, I was very apprehensive before the cataract procedure, but I was very pleasantly surprised, no pain, very quick and very professionally carried out. I now can see very well and no longer need to wear glasses. Excellent outcome.

Mr Haysom.

Refractive Cataract Surgery, December 2019.

Mr Aftab not only performed a painless cataract operation on my eye which has given me almost 20/20 vision but treated me as an equal. He has a super sense of humour and talked me through the operation. A consultant who has no airs and graces is very reassuring although after the operation you realise there was no need for any nerves whatsoever. The support staff made my experience friendly and professional, Thank you everyone.

Mrs Clifton.

Cataract Surgery, December 2019.

This is the best thing I have had done, the results are amazing. Mr Aftab put me at ease from the beginning and I cannot thank him and his team enough, I would certainly recommend him. Once again many thanks to Mr Aftab and his team

Mr Bell.

Cataract Surgery, July 2019 Grimsby

I have no hesitation in sending a very large thank you to Mr Aftab to him and his team not just including all the Medical staff but also the administration side right down to the tea lady. From the moment you walk into the hospital you are treated with respect ,kindness and put at ease.    I am 92 and a new world has been opened up to me even at my age. To anyone who is worried about having Cataract Surgery done, don’t be it is pain free. And I can only say again  “THANK YOU ALL “ at St.Hugh’s Hospital Grimsby

Mr Russell.

Cataract Surgery, May 2019.

I had radial keratotomy surgery 28-years ago, which worked well until my cataracts developed. This early refractive intervention made the new lens implant more complex but Mr Aftab made me feel completely at ease. I hold Mr Aftab and his team’s skills in high regard and thank them for significantly improving my sight following the procedure.

Mr Howes.

Cataract Surgery, May 2019.

After a very successful first cataract surgery by Mr Aftab I would highly recommend the procedure and am in fact looking forward to him performing the surgery again soon on my second eye

Mr Czuczman.

Cataract Surgery, Dec 2019. Grimsby.

I would like to thank Mr Aftab and his team for the professional and caring manner they gave during my recent cataract procedure, fantastic result would definitely recommend  him and his team thank you.

Mr Foxwell.

Cataract Surgery, December 2019.

I would like to thank Mr Aftab and all the team. I was very nervous about the operation but all the staff put me at ease. I should’ve not worried, the cataract operation went perfect and now recovering. I would thoroughly recommend Mr Aftab to anyone.

Mrs Clarke.

November 2019., Cataract Surgery, November 2019, Holton Le Clay.

Mr Aftab was very informative and answered all my questions during my first consultation with him. I felt very much at ease knowing that I was under expert care and was reassured during appointments and during the removal of the cataract. I can now see more clearly and very happy with the whole experience. Thank you Mr. Aftab.

Mr Fish.

Cataract Surgery, Nov 2019.

I had cataract surgery by Mr Aftab. I would recommend Mr Aftab. The whole experience was good all of the staff was excellent. My sight is much improved.

Mr Lawrence.

Cataract Surgery, November 2019.

I am very happy with the treatment I received from Mr. Aftab and his staff. Everything ran very smoothly and nothing was too much trouble. I was looked after very well.

Mr. Pye.

Bottesford., Cataract Surgery, October 2019, Bottesford.

I was very worried about the procedure. Mr Aftab reassured me and all went well. He was patient and the results were perfect. I have no worries about having my other eye done. Thank you so much Mr Aftab. It was worth the journey to Grimsby.

Mrs Robinson.

Cataract,July 2019, Goole.

Cataract surgery. Many thanks to you and the team. The difference is phenomenal and makes a huge difference. Thank you for everything you have done. 

Mr Hardy.

Cataract Surgery, July 2019.

Many thanks to Mr Aftab and his team for the excellent work he did with both eyes, A first class service.

Mr Baker.

Cataract Surgery, July 2019.

I would like to thank Mr Aftab and his team for the professionalism and the care they gave me during my recent cataract procedure, fantastic result, would definitely recommend him and his team. Thank you again.

Mr Foxwell.

Cataract Surgery, July 2019.

I was very nervous about having cataract surgery.  Mr Aftab and his team soon put me at ease and all went well, I can now see clearly and wish I had the surgery sooner.  I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Aftab and his team.

Mrs Rodgers.

Cataract Surgery, July 2019.

I have had cataract surgery on one eye (with excellent results) and look forward to the other being done. 

Mrs Alexander.

Cataract Surgery, May 2019.

I was thrilled for having my left eye cataract operation to be carried out at St. Hugh’s Hospital under the expert care of Mr Aftab and his supportive team. I found Mr Aftab very approachable, reassuring and professional in his manner. At my follow-up consultation with him I was delighted to be told I had the vision of a 10 year old. Well done ! and my grateful thanks to him and all his team.

Mrs Brown.

Cataract Surgery, May 2019.

I had cataract surgery on both eyes by Mr Aftab which was pain free thanks to Mr Aftab and his team.  My sight is now so much improved its unbelievable.  I would most certainly recommend him to anyone.

Patricia Wright.

Cataract Surgery, May 2019.Cleethorpes.

I would like to thank Mr Aftab and all his team not forgetting all the receptionists and other hospital staff, for all the marvellous care and attention given to me during my surgery. The results far exceed my expectations.

Mrs Salter.

Cataract Surgery. May 2019.

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